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GIYA is a web platform meant to empower individuals in their careers so that they can be fulfilled in their entire life. They want to level the playing field for success by being an easy-to-use resource for monitoring and improving individuals skillsets and career outlooks.

Case Study

Case Study

The Problem

GIYA had a solid idea with testing, personas, card sorting, and user flows ready to go. What they needed was a design that fit their users' needs and could be used as an MVP presentation to potential test users and stakeholders. The main concern for the design was not forcing users to be “rabbit-holed” within all the available routes and features of the platform, rather, being able to have full accessibility from as many places as possible.


– Rapidly create hand-sketched wireframes to get feedback for iteration.

– Create an electronic version of the user flow will be created in wires.

– Wireframes turned into clickable prototypes ready for testing.

The Solution

I used the findings from various research methods, to create a design specifically for our user persona(s) that is modern, minimal, and easy to use no matter what stage of their career individuals are in.

My Role

For this project, I familiarized myself with user research, company goals, personas, information architecture, and user flows to create sketches, wireframes, and a clickable prototype to present for potential stakeholders.



Based on user interviews and card sorting, feature and site maps, and user flows were created and used for the foundation of all design decisions going forward.

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Design Process

Design Process

I started with hand sketches to get ideas down quickly and get feedback from the team before moving forward with the design.

After feedback on the sketches, I went ahead and put the design into wireframes to get a better sense of how everything would work together.

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Hi-Fidelity Mockup

Hi-Fidelity Mockup

Once there was an established look and feel, sketches, and wireframes approved, I went straight into hi-fi mockups created in Sketch.

I put together a working prototype in InVision and went through 3 rounds of edits based on feedback from the GIYA team. I took their feedback and prioritized what was most important, what elements were critical to user goals that I had missed, and then implemented new design solutions to meet those needs.

You can see the current solution and try it yourself by clicking here.



My MVP design provides a way to easily navigate GIYA’s web platform by centering around a dashboard that allows access to all the features available. It is complex but intuitive and has a visual hierarchy based on user research that leads the user to appropriate action.

** This project is still in progress as we work through iterations of product development.